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Getting your own way…

Developing your negotiation skills when dealing with difficult situations can be the difference between winning and losing in this challenging environment.

Dealing with difficult customers successfully; to overcome complaints, secure the sale or just win them round to your way of thinking, will so often separate you from your competition.

The power of persuasion is an incredible art and one practiced by very few. As such I will share 9 simple tips to help you towards becoming a master negotiator.

•       Arguments end with losers –The challenge from arguing with your customers is that if you are the winner then the customer is the loser. Making your customer feel like a loser will not get you the result you desire.

•       Show Respect for the other persons opinions – You don’t have to agree with them entirely but they are entitled to their opinion. Understand their reasons for their point of view and look to find some level ground.

•       Admit when you are wrong – By admitting to what you don’t know or where you have made an error you will then add weight to your next solutions. This could simply be agreeing to something that you “should” have done.

•       Encourage the easy Yes – To bring customers around to your point of view ask multiple simple questions that lead to “Yes” answers. By doing so your prospect will find it easier to agree with your solution.

•       Talk Less – The biggest reason for a misunderstanding or failure to communicate effectively is not listening. Let them do the bulk of the talking.

•       Let the other person believe that it is their idea -Introduce your ideas as questions and not statements. That way your customer can choose your point of view as their own.

•       Try honestly to see thing from the other persons point of view  - This may seem hard however it is vital to show empathy when negotiating. Put yourself in their shoes and it will help you understand why they think what they think and this angle will add substance to your side of the negotiation.

•       Dramatise your ideas - Whether selling a holiday, resolving a complaint or perhaps even just introducing a new idea to a colleague,  enthusiasm always helps to convince. Simply by becoming more charismatic when presenting your viewpoint will make it far easier to agree with your line of thinking.

•       Throw down a challenge – In conclusion always finish your negotiations with a challenge or ultimatum.  A good example would be “ Thank you for sharing that with me. If I can get this confirmed with the operator now can I call you this afternoon to arrange the next steps?”

Expert negotiation comes with practice. Stay calm and don’t give up too easily. Believe in your own ability to resolve the disagreement. Typically it is mix of skill and confidence that wins a negotiation.



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