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To pin or not to pin

Whilst the world was wondering if Google+ would knock Facebook from its mantel as the world’s top social media platform, a quiet revolution was taking place.


By invitation only still, Pinterest has been invading our newsfeeds and computer time by stealth and is now the fastest growing website EVER.


As a tool to allow your customers to engage with you on a more personal level, then it’s great;  People can see what you like, what you care about, what floats your boat.


If your product has anything to do with DIY crafting, cake making, the fashion industry, home improvements, then the back link potential is on the rise. This is fast becoming another place to search for these very products and ideas.   If your target audience is female and aged between 25 and 44, then you will be onto a winner (55% of all pinners fall into this demographic).


Your fans will pin their favourite things from your website, they will then be repinned by their friends and so on, and then the keyword searches will start to generate more hits on your website and follows will increase on twitter and facebook.


As I am planning home improvements at the moment, I use Pinterest to keep track of all the beautiful things I want in my home.  To be able to keep track of them visually rather than just having a list of book marked sites is preferable as I am a very visual person.


As a business tool, I am going to reserve judgement for the time being.  As self promotion is frowned upon, you will be relying on your fans to do the hardwork for you.


Top tips for using Pinterest


  • Ask your fans from other social sites to pin a photo of themselves with their favourite product of yours.  You can then repin these images onto a gallery along with a link back to the original product.


  • Add a  button to your website listings.


  • Try and create a lifestyle; if you are selling storage units, show pictures of uncluttered homes as an aspirational image, repin images with quotes from life planners.


  • If you are selling toys, around Christmas, ask your followers to pin their ideas on a wish list board to gauge opinion on the products to stock up on.


Keep it social, keep your content fresh and engaging and you may just find your sales increasing.  Let us know if you have any top tips or success stories from Pinterest to share with us.


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