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e-Mail - Dream Facility or Nightmare

Now not everyone will be getting a huge quantity of emails every day but the principles below can be used to reduce the amount you actually have to look at by around 90%...


...from 100-300 a day to less than 20, and the same principles can be applied to anyone's inbox, even yours.


  1. Stop checking your e-mail every 5minutes
  2. You don’t need to read most of the e-mails you’re sent - So don’t
  3. Set up e-mail rules to highlight the important ones and ditch the junk- There is a "how to set up rules" in most e-mail software
  4. Get people talking to each other - especially between you and your customers
  5. Send concise e-mails
  6. Weed out your trouble makers, and again set up rules


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